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Aug 7, 2013 5:00pm EDT
about it. the white house announced president obama will deliver a speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial to commemorate the historic day. the original march on august 28, 1963 brought thousands of people to the nation's capital and culminated with dr. martin luther king, junior's famous "i have a dream" speech. the blockage was discovered during the annual physical. a stent was inserted to prop open the artery. the former president is doing great and is expected to resume his normal schedule by tomorrow. bein six hours someone could richer. it stands at $425 million. i have powerball fever. do you have your ticket? people are still coming into the store on capitol hill hoping they end up with those coveted winning numbers because it could earn them hundreds of millions of dollars. how are you? >> when the powerball jackpot is million, why not ? >> it was 90. she had it wrong but that is because glenn edwards was aching about what she and her coworkers will do if their numbers,. there probably will not be anyone there tomorrow. so the winningn ticket in 2012. >> there is your win
Aug 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
the nsa programs would have happened. gate, president obama announced a series of reforms for the controversy all nsa surveillance program. >> we can and must be more transparent. >> including a civil liberties officer at the nsa, a high-level commission to review the intelligence program, and coordination with congress to review the program that collects telephone records. >> it is not enough for me as president to have confidence in these programs. the american people need to have confidence in them as well. >> the president insisted the changes would have taken place even if edward stone in -- even if edward snowden did not leak the nsa programs. >> i think we would have gotten to the same place. >> but do the surveillance reforms vindicate snowden? he has been charged with three felonies, it and if you think c is innocent, the president said he should return to the u.s. and stand trial. >> there were other avenues available for somebody's tensions were stirred and thought they needed to question government actions. week, the white house said edward snowden was a factor in the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2